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My Experience at Quaker Bowl Indiblogger Meet

Chef Vikas Khanna
Today, Indiblogger along with Quaker, organized an elaborate surprise for bloggers at Mumbai. I attended the event which was at J.W. Marriot (Yeah, Indiblogger always picks swanky places) and found my beloved fellow bloggers waiting for the long over due Indimeet (We were starting to think that the Indiblogger team hated Mumbai weather!). The event began with us bloggers being subjected to third degree torture, by being made to watch Tahir Shah’s, “Angel”. This was followed a light and fun work-out session.  Anoop, our host and dost, then asked first-timers to introduce themselves. Now when you go to an Indiblogger event you can usually expect that something unexpected will happen. This time, the big revelation was that speaking to us about the importance of nutrition was none other than celebrity chef Vikas Khanna! 

Chef Vikas Khanna was a gentlemen and excellent orator. His talk was not restricted to just nutrition and oats, but went into the realm of fruits that come from roses and places to visit in India. He also shared with us some hilarious anecdotes about Punjabis, his life in USA and adventures while at work. The guest of honour also provided us the opportunity to take ‘soup-shots’ (Yes, apparently that’s a thing now) and guess the ingredients contained therein. Chef Vikas Khanna also quizzed us and Quaker gave away goodies to all those who could answer the questions.
If you smmeeeelllll... what the Rock is cooking - It's oats!
Just when we thought that the fun was about to end, we were segregated into teams and got to cook our own oats dish. We were provided with oats, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, dragon fruit, jaggery, chili flakes and many other ingredients. There were so many ingredients that even after preparing the dish there was plenty of chocolate and vanilla ice cream to eat for us. Chef Vikas Khanna then proceeded to taste all the oats-based dishes and rate them based on taste and presentation. We really felt bad putting him through that torture. However, our celebrity chef mustered the courage to eat our creations and survived! Here's some videos of my team preparing a delicious oats meal:-
For those who are interested in knowing the recipe of the dish we prepared for Chef Vikas Khanna, here it is below:Ingredients:-
  • 100 gms oats
  • 20 gms diced carrots
  • 10 gms peas
  • 20 gms corn
  • 15 gms Brocolli
  • Chopped Chilli
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Heat the oil a bit and add the carrots, chillies, peas, broccoli and corn
  • In a separate pan heat the mixture of water and oats.
  • Mix the above mixtures.
Serves:- 1

When it comes to oats, the first thing that comes to mind is Quaker. In fact, because of the reputation Quaker has gained over the past 139 years, ‘Quaker’ has become synonymous with oats. Unfortunately, oats has only gained a reputation as a healthy breakfast, when it can actually be included in any meal of the day. Oats need not be the base ingredient of a food. Due to its mild flavour, oats can be added to almost any other food item, including rajma and palak panner. It is an excellent substitute for rice, maida and other grains.

Awesome Recipe Book provided by Quaker
We come to this world with empty hands and leave with empty hands. But one never leaves an Indiblogger meet empty handed. At the end of the event we were all given a packet of healthy Quaker oats and a recipe book providing a plethora of different ways to use them in our food. We all went home with nutritional food, useful information and great memories. I think that in a couple of months, not only will I be healthy and fit, but also happy and energetic. I recommend all my readers include Oats not only in your breakfast, but all other meals as well. Bon appetite!  #QuakerBowl 

Oh, by the way, the above #QuakerBowl event was covered by Bombay Times. Do have a look:

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