Friday, 3 June 2016

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The Datsun redi-GO.

Why choose one when you can choose both? We often find ourselves choosing between ‘fashion’ and ‘function’. But what if we could have both in one? Fortunately, when it comes to cars, we no longer have to choose just one. That’s right, the new Datsun redi-GO, with the nest of Japanese technology, has arrived. This car is the perfect fusion of compact crossover & urban hatchback. Style, comfort, looks, efficiency, you can have it all in just one brilliant car.
It would take me forever to go into the all the magnificent features of the Datsun redi-GO, that’s why I’m only going to tell you about my favourite three features:
1)      Superior Air-Conditioning: I don’t have to tell you guys how hot India is, especially during the summer. That’s why it is absolutely essential to have a powerful air conditioner. The Datsun redi-GO’s air conditioner makes sure that theinside of the car is cool,no matter how hot it is outside. So it doesn’t matter whether you are driving at Ladhak or through a dessert in Rajasthan, the passengers of Datsun redi-GO will have a peaceful and comfortable journey. The car’s AC has a huge 89 CC compressor with a high cooling capacity. Its AC vent ensures that half of the air flow is given to the passengers on the back seats. How considerate!
2)      Modern Exterior Design: Like I already emphasised above, and as I am sure you all will agree, looks do matter! A car is not just a vehicle to transport you from one place to another, but it also something you want to use show-off in public. The exterior design of a car is not just about looks, but also matters to its efficiency. The Datsun redi-GO’s exterior design is absolutely unique! It’s compact & sleek, yet it can intimidate all the other drivers on the road and show to them that you are not a force to be reckoned with. The instrument panel is fancy and efficient. The silver touch gives it a really classy look.
3)      Fuel Economy: Your car doesn’t belong in the parking lot. It deserves to be driven. But how far can you really afford to go? Fuel prices are going in only one direction – UP! We need and deserve a car which gives a good mileage. The Datsun redi-GO’s 799cc engine provides a peppy response and an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/L. There’s no need to empty your pockets just to go for a drive. Travel far and wide without a care in the world. Explore new places. Yes, all this is possible with the  Datsun redi-GO.
You can book your own Datsun redi-GO right now by simply downloading the Datsun India app. You can also book it through the e-commerce website ‘Snapdeal’, or by visiting your nearest Datsun dealership. I’m booking mine today, and after reading the above I’m sure that you will too!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.