Sunday, 27 September 2015

Experience at Pampers Event

Last week I was lucky enough to get invited by Pampers to hear about the new Pampers Premium Care Pants. I must admit, I was curious. Pampers Pants were already great, and I couldn't think of any way in which they could possibly improve.
I gratefully accepted the invitation, and found myself sitting at JW Marriott, Sahar. I was greeted by a loving team and a magnificent entrance decorated with pictures of babies. Music was playing and people eagerly waited for the event to begin. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mandira Bedi comes on stage. Yes, that’s right. The event was being hosted by the one and only Ms.  Mandira Bedi. There was a roar of applause and flashes of cameras. 

Ms. Bedi also introduced on stage Child SleepConsultant Ajita Seethepalli, Pampers R & D Experts Dr. Wei Sing Long and the delightful Tara Sharma. They wasted no time and got right to what is always on every parent’s mind – their child’s health. They all knew exactly what parents were going through.
Then they showed some touching videos which made us all cry with joy. They were absolutely beautiful!
Dr. Wei Sing Long then performed some wacky experiments to prove the absorption power of Pampers Premium Care Pants and the baby lotion which prevents rashes. The other celebrities also joined the fun. I think everyone present at the event felt like a scientist that day.
They also took a poll, where we were supposed to vote for the softest diapers among three samples given to us. Sample no. 2 won hands down, and to nobody’s surprise, it turned out that sample no.2 was a sample of the material of new Pampers Premium Care Pants.
The event was fun as well as educational. They also took questions from the audience which was rather enlightening. Attending the event was a blessing for new parents like me.
The event ended on a high note where we were allowed to click pictures with Tara Sharma & Mandira Bedi. We thought it was over, when at the exit we were surprised to get a goody bag filled with Pampers Premium Care Pants and other personal hygiene products.
Pampers just gives and gives. I went home and proudly put on the Pampers Pants on my baby. He was never happier! Thank you Pampers for pampering our babies, as well as us!

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.

Product Review: Pampers Premium Care Pants

The word ‘diaper’ is barely being used any more. The word ‘pampers’ seems to have completely replaced it. That’s because Pampers has beaten every other brand of baby pants out there, in every category. They keep the baby dry. They are so soft and comfortable that babies can’t even notice that they are wearing anything at all. A happy Baby means happy parents. No wonder Pampers is the #1 worldwide diaper brand. Everyday Pampers serves 25 million babies in over a 100 countries.
So let’s observe what are the things that makes Pampers Premium Care Pants so great:
Comfortable Materials: The biggest flaw in most diapers is that the material causes irritation. This can be attributed to the poor material they are made of. I don’t know what Pampers is made of. But just by feeling it I can tell you that it must be absolutely comfortable for a Baby. It has a all round softness.
Breathable: The Pampers Premium Care Pants comes with micro pores which allow the skin to breath. That’s probably why babies love them.
All-Around Fit: One size fits all babies. The waistband and the leg cuffs are extremely stretchy. Babies learn by moving around and exploring new things. If the baby’s movements are restricted, so are his/her learning. That’s why its so important that babies can move freely around the house.  
Dryness up to 12 Hours: Ultra dry core quickly absorbs and locks away liquids.
Baby Lotion: Yes, that’s right. The Pampers Premium Care Pants comes with baby lotion which helps protect your baby's delicate skin. Now this a a completely additional feature. Hat’s off to Pampers for thinking of this. Baby lotion and diapers have always been used separately. But the idea of merging them and making them one is simply brilliant.
Wetness Indicator: It comes with a witness indicator that turns blue so that parents can know when their baby wets his/her diaper. For new moms/dads this is a must-have feature. Pampers knows that new moms/dads are not born experts. Come on, even moms and dads need help. Scratch that. Moms and Dads are the ones who need help the Most.
So, in conclusion, Pampers have gone several steps beyond with the Pampers Premium Care Pants. Thanks to Pampers Premium Care Pants my baby is always happy and always smiling. I recommend it to all my fellow new parents.
This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Transferkar- Ab Toh Sab Kar Rahe Hai

What’s your favourite TV show? Let me guess, its Game of Thrones. How do I know? No, I’m not psychic. I just know that, that’s the answer 90% of today’s urban youth would give. We live in a golden age of television. Shows are becoming high budget. In fact, each episode of Game of Thrones is like a short movie. So, obviously, you would want to watch these shows as per your convenience and on the device which suits you best.

But here comes the dilemma – Mom and/or Dad’s show airs at the same time. Therefore, Pappu can’t watch his show, right? Wrong. Gone are those days where mummy and papa’s shows would come in the way of us watching our favourite TV shows. Tata Sky brings you the Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box. The Tata Sky+ Transfer is a  Personal Video Recorder ( or “PVR” as they call it), which, among other things, allows the user to recorded content and transfer that content to other devices like smart phones and tablets via WiFi. 

I travel almost for 2 hours from my home to Churchgate. It generally takes me 45 minutes in bus from my home to Andheri station and 1 hour from Andheri to Churchgate station. I used to think of ways to convert my commuting time into entertainment time. 

For that purpose one of my colleagues suggested to go for Tata Sky+ Transfer, as he also records his favorite show through Tata Sky+ Transfer and transfer his favourite show  to his mobile device and enjoys unlimited entertainment during his travelling. 

I too recorded my favourite television  show  i.e."Games of thrones", and now even I watch it on my mobile phone while commuting.  This is the simplest way through which Tata Sky Trasfer+ satisfies my entertainment needs during my travelling hours and  allows me to utilize my precious time. 

Transfer feature is available on iOS and Android devices (and after all, if don’t have an Android or iOS device, you might as well be living under a rock).
The Tata Sky+ Transfer has a 500 GB hard disk that can record up to approximately 625 hours of content. Its capable of recording at 1080i high definition picture quality and delivers a Dolby Digital Plus (with up to 7.1 channels of premium quality Surround Sound). Not only that, the user also has the power to Pause and Rewind Live TV. What more do you need?
So, picture this – ‘Wrestlemania’ is about to start. But you have to go for some boring family function. What do you do? Simple, you use your Tata Sky+ Transfer to record the event. When you come back home, you can watch Randy Orton give an RKO or Undertaker give a  Tombstone.  That’s right. You don’t have to miss a single move. Also, you can transfer it to your tablet or smart phone and watch it while traveling. Don’t you just love it when the other commuters of bus or train look at you with envy, when you are watching something awesome, which they are missing out on? Well, it may be bad to say so, but I’ll admit it nevertheless- It feels good.

The Tata Sky+ Transfer ensures that you don’t miss a single second of your TV shows or movies. I urge all readers to get it ASAP. To know more about the Tata Sky+ Transfer go here:

Also, check out these hilarious videos:

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Favourite Dish

Being an Indori I am always crazy for food as Indore is a place where you get all sort of vegetarian dishes at one place. Though I am foodie but I always prefer my mom’s kitchen and I believe everyone likes their mom’s food and that can’t compete to any 5 star hotels.
I am a Marwari and I love to eat sweet dishes and typical Marwari food. There are numerous dishes like Dal Bati, Bhindi Curry, Curd Curry, Butter Aloo Paratha, Bottle Guard Curry and Besan Laddos which exist in my favourite food list.
Whenever my mom used to cook any of my favourite dishes I always used to help her and provide her all possible ingredients which I can provide to her to make her dishes tastier.  
Being an online user I always checkout what special discounts or offers are available in the online market so that I can save my money and can avail those best offers. Once upon a time when I was using my facebook from my friend I came to know about which were providing brilliant discounts and offers on Groceries from online stores.
My mom was cooking Dal-Bati for me so I informed her about the same but she didn’t believe though she suggested and told me that “If it is true then you should buy; I will be happy”, Yes, I came to know her wish that she wants it and I used Coupons of for the first time. I bought Green Vegetables, Fruits, Dals & Pulses, Dry fruits and Curd. I placed the orders and got great discounts on my purchasing. The products and goods qualities were just like my expectations. My mom’s smile made my day and I had Dal-Bati which she cooked especially for me.
Apart from Desi food I always like to try some new food taste if it is healthy and tasty. When you talk about food then MacDonald’s and Dominos can’t be stay aloof for longer time. Hardly there is any person who doesn’t like their taste and I am definitely not that exception. 
After exploring good discounts on groceries I became daily user of Whenever my girlfriend used to come to spend her weekends at my place then I always used to order from MacDonald’s and Dominos by using coupons of in order to save more money and she is crazy for Italian food and burger.
Due to such a great money saving coupons of I saved a huge amount of money which I used to spend on my food with my girlfriend. is a great combination of travelling, eating and shopping. You can avail all sorts of facilities at great discounts from your all favorite online stores. Not only that you can also explore daily deals from their website.
I would surely love to suggest such an awesome online platform to my readers as it is from my personal experience. made my mom happy and saved my girlfriend food expenses as well. So if you are still buying products without any discount then visit and enjoy you money saving dhamaka.                  

 To know more go here: