Sunday, 27 September 2015

Product Review: Pampers Premium Care Pants

The word ‘diaper’ is barely being used any more. The word ‘pampers’ seems to have completely replaced it. That’s because Pampers has beaten every other brand of baby pants out there, in every category. They keep the baby dry. They are so soft and comfortable that babies can’t even notice that they are wearing anything at all. A happy Baby means happy parents. No wonder Pampers is the #1 worldwide diaper brand. Everyday Pampers serves 25 million babies in over a 100 countries.
So let’s observe what are the things that makes Pampers Premium Care Pants so great:
Comfortable Materials: The biggest flaw in most diapers is that the material causes irritation. This can be attributed to the poor material they are made of. I don’t know what Pampers is made of. But just by feeling it I can tell you that it must be absolutely comfortable for a Baby. It has a all round softness.
Breathable: The Pampers Premium Care Pants comes with micro pores which allow the skin to breath. That’s probably why babies love them.
All-Around Fit: One size fits all babies. The waistband and the leg cuffs are extremely stretchy. Babies learn by moving around and exploring new things. If the baby’s movements are restricted, so are his/her learning. That’s why its so important that babies can move freely around the house.  
Dryness up to 12 Hours: Ultra dry core quickly absorbs and locks away liquids.
Baby Lotion: Yes, that’s right. The Pampers Premium Care Pants comes with baby lotion which helps protect your baby's delicate skin. Now this a a completely additional feature. Hat’s off to Pampers for thinking of this. Baby lotion and diapers have always been used separately. But the idea of merging them and making them one is simply brilliant.
Wetness Indicator: It comes with a witness indicator that turns blue so that parents can know when their baby wets his/her diaper. For new moms/dads this is a must-have feature. Pampers knows that new moms/dads are not born experts. Come on, even moms and dads need help. Scratch that. Moms and Dads are the ones who need help the Most.
So, in conclusion, Pampers have gone several steps beyond with the Pampers Premium Care Pants. Thanks to Pampers Premium Care Pants my baby is always happy and always smiling. I recommend it to all my fellow new parents.
This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.

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