Thursday, 26 October 2017

Deliziyo (Mumbai) – Restaurant Review

Over-all Rating: 8.1/10 (See Rating Chart below.)

Address: C/o Dsouza Consultants, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai. (The food being reviewed was delivered by the Mahakali branch. There are other branches located across Mumbai including Goregaon East and Ghodbunder Road)
Serves Non-Veg: Yes.
Cost for one: below Rs. 225/-
Cuisines: Rajasthani, Gujarati, Fast Food, Biryani, North Indian
Quality of Food: The food is absolutely unpretentious. It is simple at its core and at the same time - purely scrumptious. The Spicy Chicken meal with rice was tangy and the chicken was fresh and clean. The use of spices was elegant. The Cheesy Duo Chicken Grilled Wrap was as gooey as could possibly be with a subtle blend of sauces which complemented each other perfectly. The vegetables were used unsparingly and were chopped/diced to perfection. The thickness of the maida was 'just right', not too thick so as to overpower the dish, but also not too thin to lead to the wrap falling apart. The food was perfectly hygienic.
The chocolate lava cake was average and the liquid chocolate had lost some of its consistency by the time the food was delivered.
Placing Order: Their website is easy to navigate. However, it may be easier to order through Zomato or Swiggy.
Price: Those of you who religiously follow my restaurant reviews (I assume you exist!) may have realized that my biggest complaint against modern day restaurants is  that they are not worth the price. I usually don’t rate any restraurant well in the ‘worth the price category’. However, the price of Deliziyo t was perhaps its best feature. The Tangy Corn Grilled Wrap (Veg) costs a reasonable Rs. 57/- and other items on the menu are easy on the pocket as well. I have no hesitation in giving Deliziyo a full 20/20 in the ‘worth the price category’.
Packaging: Fairly Convenient. Plastic cutlery provided for dishes that require cutlery. The quality of cardboard could be higher and the presentation of the food could be more appetizing.
Delivery : The order was delivered within the time promised and the delivery person was polite. The food remained hot even on arrival.
Offers: Currently, one can get a 20% discount on all orders from Zomato, above Rs. 150/-.
In-depth Analysis: (Our overall rating is not an average of the sub scores below.)
Quality & Taste of Food:
Worth the Price:

I hope you found this helpful. If you want me to review any other restaurant/play/movie/event, please say so in the comments below.

Rating Chart:
1.0-2.9: Torture.
3.0-5.5: Waste of time.
5.6-6.9: Decent. But can be skipped.
7.0-7.9: Good.
8.0-8.6: Great! Don't miss it.
8.7-10:  If you are a man, you can miss witnessing the birth of your child for this. This is a greater miracle.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) - Fan Theory

For all you Sebastian Michaelis fans who are hoping that Ciel’s soul finally gets devoured in the manga – I have a bit of disappointing working theory for you. If I couldn't do this much as a homage to one of my favourite animes, then what kind of fan would I be?
At the outset, I think many will agree that the manga is not going to end the same way as season 2 of the anime <SPOILER ALERT> and Ciel isn’t going to turn into a demon, causing Sebastian to be his butler for eternity. Firstly, I never liked that theory because I root for Ciel-Lizzie and; secondly, the anime itself had, in season 1, implied that Sebastian could terminate the contract and forfeit Ciel’s soul.
Now, there is my theory: - The Grim Reapers will have a lot of impact on the conclusion of Black Butler. Have you ever noticed how the manga as well as in the anime (particularly season 3 episode 10 and the special number 6) William T. Spears keeps stating that in exceptional cases Grim Reapers will allow certain persons scheduled to die, to continue living if they feel that this continued existence will be beneficial to the world. He further reiterates that this is the exception, rather than the rule. In the manga it is clarified that such instances are rare to never-occurring.
Interestingly, the entire special episode about Grim Reapers was based on this concept where Grell Sutcliff and Will Spears are deputed to determine whether a certain writer falls into the exception. They are given one months time to make a decision. Grell is inclined to let them live but is met with stern opposition from Will. In the end of the episode they end up leting the writer die. BY this we can ascertain that there are no hard and first rules or guidelines that Grim Reapers are to follow while making this decision and Grim Reapers may have conflict of opinion among themselves. 
Now what does this have to do with our macabre duo of Sebastian and Ciel? Everything! What if because of all the cases solved by Ciel and because of the work done by he Funtom Co., the Grim Reapers decide that Ciel ought to be allowed to live, despite being in the 'to-die' list? Would they sit idly by as Sebastian attempts to devour Ciel's soul? I think not. Since we can say with  pretty much certain that Sebastian can take down a Grim Reaper with ease, even he may not be able to fight them all. Also, since it is pretty strongly implied that the Undertaker is the grand-father of Ciel, and he also happens to be a a Grim Reaper, we can also bet that he too will join the fight. What would ensue would be a fight between our Black Butler and an army of Grim Reapers. 
For Ciel to live, Sebastian must finally meet his end during the battle. This would probably upset Ciel internally, as to some  extent, he cares for Sebastian (remember the cursed camera?) and he does want to fulfil his promise to Sebastian.
But he'll probably end up marrying Lizzie and live a normal (as far as possible) life. Another theory is that Ciel commits suicide and is recruited as a Grim Reaper, since it has been explained in the manga that Grim Reapers were once humans who committed suicide and must carry out duties as soul reapers as punishment.
So what do you think of the theory? Don't like it? What kind of fan am I, you ask? Why, I'm simply one hell of a fan?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

How I learned to #CleanUpCashOut

My dad was eyeing my old laptop for quite some time. Just like me, it was sleek, efficient and fully functioning. The laptop and I had a special bond, so much so that I came to affectionately call it my “Lady” This led to a series of jokes among me and my friends about me ‘spending too much time with my Lady’, or me ‘lying on the bed with my Lady on my lap.’
Lady was over five years old and I felt it was time for a change. As soon my new laptop arrived I decided to sell off Lady.
Although the thought of my Lady being used by my father caused me to cringe, I still gave him a right of first refusal. He proudly pulled out a Rs. 2,000 note from his pocket and handed it over to me. I looked back at him with utter indifference and walked away.
I logged on to an online classifieds platform and created an advertisement for my laptop. For over ten days I was pestered by people asking about the condition and features of this laptop. Some of them made offers of one or two thousand rupees. Most, just abruptly ended the conversation. One or two of them made offers above Rs. 2,000, but asked me to throw in freebies like headphones.
Finally, after ten days of torture, I finally closed a deal with somebody at Rs. 3,000/-. The buyer was a girl named ‘Aayesha’ and she had a cute display picture. I’ll be honest with my readers that the prospect of hooking up with this cute buyer was an added incentive for which I agreed to the low prices of Rs. 3,000/-. After a flirtatious chat, we decided to meet at a small coffee shop in Goregaon, the coming Sunday morning.
Sunday morning I packed my laptop and made my way to the coffee shop, which happened to be located in a pretty isolated area. When I was just one minute away from the shop, a white van with tainted windows swirled towards me and stopped next to me. The next thing I knew, my head was in a black bag and was being taken away. About twenty minutes later the van stopped and I was dragged till a chair. When the mask over my head was pulled off, I realized I was in an abandoned wear-house and sitting in front of a forty-year old bearded man.
“Who are you?”, I asked.
“Don’t you recognize me? I’m Aayesha.”, he replied and exploded with laughter.
“What do you want?”
“Listen, take this phone and call your father. Either your dad pays or you die.”
I dialed my dad’s number and returned the phone to my kidnapper. The phone was on speaer mode.
“Hello?” my dad answered.
“Hey! I have your son. Transfer Ten Lakh Rupees to my account in the next two hours or he dies.”
“What? Who is this? How do you have my son?”
“I kidnapped him when he was on his way to sell his laptop to me.”
“Oh! So you are the one my son is selling his laptop to? Keep my son and keep his ‘Lady’!” Saying that my dad cut the call.
“Hello? Hello?” my kidnapper looked at me with sympathy and despair. He told me that he had a disappointment of a father too. We bonded over our dad-stories for hours. By the end of the day he finally let me go, realizing that I already had things going pretty bad already.
I came home, tired. My friend Rohan came to my house to meet me. I apprised him about what transpired. He pulled out his phone and in 60 seconds he sold my  laptop for Rs. 5,000/-. He used a website called ‘Cashify'. It was hassle-free and in a couple of days I got my money and my phone was picked up from my house.

From now on I’m only going to use Cashify for getting a good price and also to avoid getting “catfished”. Suggest you guys to #CleanUpCashOut too. Use coupon code CLEANCASH on Cashify to get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets.