Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ping Pay - The Fun way to Transfer Money or Mobile Charge

Did you wish that making money transfers was as easy as posting content and connecting on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp? Well, look no further because your prayers have been answered. Axis Bank has introduced Ping Pay App. Not only does app help in transferring transfer funds and mobile recharge, but it can be used to request for funds with the use of images, audio, videos and funny messages from anyone you can connect with via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.
Not an Axis Bank user? Don’t worry. Even non-Axis Bank account holders can use the app to have funds transferred to their non-Axis bank accounts. However, the person sending the funds must do so through his Axis Bank account. The payment mode is IMPS, which as we know is far more preferred to NEFT or RTGS. The transaction limit per day is Rs. 50,000/- .
The App is very simple to use. You have to enter your account details the first time you use the App. You can link your net banking account or your debit card to your Ping Pay.
Then you can send to any person you are connected with on the social media sites mentioned above. The App comes with pre-loaded texts like ‘Paise pedh pe nahi ugte’ or “thappad se darr nahi lagta sahib, udhaar se darr lagta hai’ or you can enter your own fun message, video or image. The recipient of the message has the option to either make the transfer of the amount requested or not to. If the funds are transferred, the person who requested for the amount has to accept the transfer within 15 days, default in doing so would lead to auto-reverse. The app can be use dot ‘Ask for Money’ or ‘Ask for Recharge’.
The person sending the money is saved the trouble of entering the recipient’s account details such as account number, IFSC code, account holder’s name, etc. This way he may be less reluctant to make the transfer. Haha.

So what are you waiting for? I've downloaded the App and am using it regularly. You can download it too! Go here:

"This post is about 'Digital Axis' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with" 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Mom, My First Expert...

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‘Mere paas maa hai...’ is easily the most famous Hindi movie dialogue. The line has made an impact, because of the simple truth contained in them. Whoever has a mother has everything. A lot of holy and great things are compared to mothers, including our country. The truth, of course, is that nothing can compare to a mother. It’s a special relationship; the one between a person and his/her mother.
My mother and I share many traditions. Sometimes when it rains, we go out for a walk. The rest of the people run for shelter or open their raindrops hitting our face. Neither of us cares what the bystanders think. When we take our ‘monsoon walks’, it’s as though we are in a different world. When we reach home my mother always makes sure she wipes my head dry with a towel, to make sure I don’t get a cold. She never lets me wipe her hair, until she is done with mine.
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When I was in junior college, my mom, on my request, started teaching me how to bake. Every Sunday we would be near the oven. Sweating, but still having fun. She ate my first few cakes, though I never considered them edible. Instead of criticizing, she advised.  Thanks to that I’ve become a master baker. We still bake together occasionally.
Recently, my mom and I started a new tradition. It pained me to see my mom’s white hair. So I insisted that she let me colour her hair about every 20 days. I know it may sound like a chore, but it’s an activity in which I take tremendous pleasure. During the hair colouring sessions we talk about love, happiness and life in general. The discussions aren’t eventful, yet for some reason they linger in my memory, and I believe they will continue to do so till I die. Funny, isn’t it?
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Since the moment I was born, my mother has sacrificed everything for me. She has faced hunger, sadness, isolation from friends and even pain, just so that I wouldn’t have to. Whenever I fell down, she was always there to pick me up. Whenever I was trying to destroy any obstacles in my life, she was there, to help me and to give me moral support. She knows what I need before even I know it. She knows me better than I know myself. She is an expert in me.When I think about all the people who love me, and there are a few, I think that the only person who truly loves me ‘unconditionally’ is my mother. What has more value than that? It’s a sweet burden; when someone gives you so much that you can never repay them. The only debt that we cannot repay is that which we owe to our mothers.
Recently, I was breaking my head to think what I should get my mother for Mother’s Day. What can you get the person who has given you everything? But then it struck me. Having only one day for mothers is does not do them justice. They gave us everything, and the only way we can show them even the smallest bit of appreciation is by giving them all we’ve got, each and every day. And that’s what I’m going to do.

If your mother is around, go and give her a hug. She doesn’t expect it, but she will never forget it. Also, tell her everyday how important she is to you. Or better yet, show her how much she means to you. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Airtel, My App...

In my previous blog post I emphasized the fact that when you have an awesome app, you don’t have to market it. The same goes for the My Airtel App. The app is successful, not just because it’s the App of the best telecommunication company, but because it is easy to use, fast and has some unique and incredible features. Here are some of the features of the My Airtel App ( that I have fallen in love with:
1) Awesome Offers, With Just a Shake: Imagine getting fantastic offers, and to get them all one has to do is ‘shake’. That’s right. All I have to do is shake your phone and the app magically gives me exclusive offers. And after I see the offers, I dance with my phone, only to find that I've got even more exclusive offers.
2) I Want To: In today’s world, we all need shortcuts. The efficiency of an app is defined by the number of ‘clicks’ it takes to do your task. The lesser the number of clicks, the better. Like all other young people, I too am impatient. Because of my busy lifestyle I like to do things quickly and without hassle. The My Airtel App allows me to create shortcuts to my favourite or most frequently used tasks on the home screen, under an ‘I want to’ tab. Shortcuts can be made for several tasks such as viewing balance, making bill payments, check data consumed, etc.
3) Make Safe and Secured Payments: Don’t you get frustrated when you run out of balance at crucial times? Has it ever happened that you wandered the streets in search for a place to get recharge? This has happened to me far too often. But not anymore. The app allows me to recharge my mobile or DTH with the greatest of ease. For all you post-paid users out, you too can use the app to make bill payments within a minute, while at home, or while travelling. I can’t tell you the number of times this feature has saved me.
Lastly, I just want to say that apart from all the aforementioned features, the app is also easy to browse and has a neat and clean appearance. The various pages and tabs load quickly. I have absolutely no complaints. Maybe my words do not do the app justice, in which case I urge you to download the app, and check it out yourself.
I advise all you Airtel users to start using this app and save a lot of time and energy. And for all you who are not using Airtel, whenever you get tired tired of the poor service and high rates of your respective service providers, do switch to Airtel and download the App.
The app can be downloaded from here:

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Why Awesome Apps Don't Have to be Marketed

The best way to market a good product, is to be honest about it. Take Myntra for instance. Myntra does not need any ingenious scheme to market their App. All Myntra has to do is 'tell it as it is'. Remember :-  K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). You have an amazing App, why even spend a rupee on marketing? When something is this amazing people will market it for you.
(Image  from here.)
When I think of the App, I don't even have to think of some wacky or catchy phrase. It comees naturally: "Download the Myntra App, Become a Fashion Icon in a <Snap>!" Look, guys, help me out here. I'm going to tell you everything about this App, and you please tell me in the comments, if it requires to be marketed at all, or if you are going to download it and recommend it to all you friends all by yourself.
 Whenever somebody mentions ‘online shopping’ one of the first websites to come to our mind is For all you fashionistas out there, I have bad news and super-good news. First the bad news- Myntra is shutting down its website from 15th May 2015!!!! Calm down. I know what you’re thinking. “Is there still any reason to live?” The answer is yes. And that’s what the super-good news is about. Myntra is going app-only!

(Image taken from here.)
That’s right. Myntra is one of the first online fashion retailers who have realized that you need your fashion assistant readily available in your pocket at all times! No more browsing websites. It’s the time to simply ‘swipe’ and ‘touch’. With the Myntra App you can add products to your wishlist with a single touch. You can filter your search and browse products with ease.

I know what you are wondering. ‘I can’t shop alone. I need inputs of ____________ (insert name of best friend/boy/girlfriend/spouse/parent/anyone else whose opinion you value)’. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Myntra has got you covered. Sharing links to products has never been easier. Simply touch the share button and you can send the link-to-product to the concerned person using a variety of social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or even email.
         (Image taken from here.)
The app also allows you to choose the best offers on your favourite products. You’ll also find ‘style notes’ for several products, to help you make your decision.
If safety is the issue, then I can assure you that the payment system in place is safe and secure. If you still don’t want to pay using the app, no problem. Myntra has a cash-on-delivery option, just for you.
Can’t wait to start using the app? Well, I got one more good news for you. You don’t even have to create an account. Log in simply by using your Facebook and Google account.
If you haven’t already downloaded the Myntra app, either because you just got out of prison or because you live under a rock, download it now from the Playstore by clicking on this link : What are you waiting for? Download the Myntra App, Become a Fashion Icon in a <Snap>!
So will you download the Myntra app? Tell me in the comments below.

Keep Smiling!

 The secret to a good smile is a good dentist. That’s why I always tell people, ‘It doesn’t matter who you choose as your wife. But choose your dentist wisely.' After all, my best feature is my smile. I never miss a chance to show off my perfect teeth. 
When I was in Mumbai I always made it a point to visit the dentist on a regular basis. A few months ago I had to shift to Pune to give my CLAT examination. Due to my change in lifestyle, even my habits changed. I was there in Pune for only a few months, so it didn't feel like home. I felt I was a guest there the entire time. 
Fortunately, I cleared my CLAT examination with flying colours, after which I literally danced on the streets. I had come one step closer to becoming a lawyer.  But in order to get into a good law college I also had to clear a personality test. A day before the interview, I was shaving, when I noticed tha my teeth were pale yellow. I also had a cavity, which I decided to get checked as soon as I got back to Mumbai, but which was paining more than ever.  I decided to visit the dentist the same day. Unfortunately, I did not know any dentists in Pune, and in all my time there I had never gone for a dental check up. 
Then my friend told me about a website that Thanks to that website I found some reputed and well known dental hospitals in Pune in a second. I noticed a good clinic nearby, which was highly rated and had gotten really good reviews. I went to the dentist the same day, where I received an amazing treatment. I’ll spare the readers the details of my interview. But needless to say, I did extremely well. Since My cavity was filled, I could give the interview comfortably and since my teeth were glistening, I had the confidence required to crack it.
I'm glad I found a good dentist so quickly. Since then I have lived in different places in India, and I've never put off going to the dentist, no matter where I was.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Healthy Angel…

When I was a child I was afraid of doctors. I was not comfortable with the concept of a random person probing my entire body with a stethoscope. Doctors in those days used to treat even children like adults. There was no comfort, and no entertainment. A visit to the doctor was always dreaded.  
Just a few months ago my niece (Arya) was suffering from some stomach problems. It was nothing too serious, but it also wasn’t something to be taken lightly, either. She hated visiting the doctor. I decided to take her to a pediatrician, instead of our general fellow. His medicines usually had no effect on her. He was also a big bore.  Perhaps his medicines did not work because he was giving her the same medicine which he would give the oldies like me. I thought maybe if is she was treated by a pediatrician; she might actually like visiting a doctor.  
I asked around, but no one knew anyone who practiced pediatrics in Mumbai. I thought to myself, ‘Whom should I ask? Whom should I ask?’. Then it struck me. I took out my phone and asked ‘’ . In a second, the names of hundreds of pediatricians in Mumbai appeared before me. After browsing for a while among the many options, I finally chose one who appeared to be suitable.
I took Arya to the pediatricians the very same day. She had a wonderful time! The doctor played games with her, made funny jokes, and when it was all over, she even gave her a lollipop! Looking at them, I wished I was a kid again.
A week later, Arya, who was fully cured, ran to me and asked, “When can we go to the doctor again?” I laughed. helped me and my little angel, Arya, find the perfect pediatrician. She is no longer afraid of going to see the doctor. On that day I decided, that instead of asking questions to  my neighbours who claim to be ‘know-it-alls’ , I would direct all my questions to Since then I have always managed to be, exactly where I want to be.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

#EkNayiLeague- Can't Wait to Know More About It

Some days ago I decided to check what was trending on Twitter, when I came across  “#EkNayiLeague”. After doing some research, I realized that there was some new mysterious league which everyone on Twitter was talking about. The participants of a certain Twitter contest were also getting an opportunity to meet the great cricketer, the father of Indian Cricket, Mr. Kapil Dev. I scratched my head  over what this league could be about. During my research I came across some videos which gave some small insights as to what #EkNayiLeague was about
In all the videos, Mr. Kapil Dev was talking about games/sports and he was also discussing some other sports like tennis. He also mentioned names like Sania Mirza and even Tiger Woods. I'm guessing that this league has something to do with bringing together players from different sports, and even actors, in one place. I think Kapil Dev Sir wants to start a new League or team which is a masterpiece of Tennis players, Cricketers, Actors (As he mentioned about actor Dev Anand Sahab too).
Another theory I have about the new league is that it may be about some online fantasy cricket game, or maybe any other fantasy sports league, which is to be played using computers. My third guess would be that its some sort of reality show.
One more unusual thing which I observed was that he was talking about was making a good amount of money from these various sports. He also expressed his pride on Yuvraj Singh, Virendra Sehwag, M.S.Dhoni and other players; who are making a good amount of money in the field of sports. A benefit the present cricket generation has, which Kapil Sir missed out on. So, probably this new league would involve a big prize money for Players and that must be the incentive to participate in this new league. In the all videos of #EkNayiLeague he emphasized on not relying on the heart. Maybe this league involves a series of mental challenges

Hmmm…these are all guesses by me and the purpose of this league could be something else as well. What could this New League be about?? Well, we all could just follow him on twitter and wait until he gives some more clues for the same. Yes, you also can submit your answer and can get a chance to win 1 Lakh rupees! So use your research and detective skills and find more about this league. If you get the answer, please do tell me as well. And if you entered the contest because of me, don't forget to split the cash. Haha. I'm just joking. Relax.
So, are you waiting for what? Go and enter into the contest. Do not forget to follow Mr. Kapil Dev on Twitter for more updates.