Saturday, 25 November 2017

Sbarro (Mumbai) - Restaurant Review

Over-all Rating: 5.2/10 (See Rating Chart below.)
Address: (Although the chain of restaurants is famous, what is being reviewed is the outlet near CST station, Mumbai) Ground floor, Sterling Cineplex Food Court, Fort, Mumbai
Serves Non-Veg: Yes.
Cost for one: below Rs. 400/-
Cuisines: Italian, Pizza
Nothing defines mediocrity better than Sbarro. It would not be an understatement to call the food here uninspiring. I had ordered a Chicken Pasta (which my regular readers know is my favourite). To be fair to the restaurant, they do allow for customization with respect to the choice of veggies, sauce and type of pasta. I picked my favourite fusilli pasta with bell peppers, corn and - since I was feeling a bit daring -  something called the Mama Sbarro. One would expect that sauce would have to be really amazing for it to be christened after the name of the restraurant itself. However, this was not the case.
Without going too much into philosophy of food, I just wish to send a message to all restraurant owners and managers  - While service and ambience are important the food cannot simply be 'food'. The food must be an experiience which evokes feelings and emotions and makes the eater either dream or re-live the past, or both. It is the duty of the restaurant to not only fill the customers stomach - but also his soul. 
In short, Sbarro is just another eatery. Their tagline could literally be "We serve food". The disappointingly cooked pasta satisfied the tummy, but did not succeed in satisfying the tongue and mouth. I have always strived to see the best in restaurant and thus I must add that the chocolate mousse, while 'ordinary' in every sense of the word, was light and soft.
The prices were a little above what they should have been when compared to the taste and quality of food. They do provide cutlery with the take-out and one can eat directly out of the plastic containers. Apart from that nothing much can be said about the packaging which like the food was "just average". The food was served hot and was delivered on time.
Finally, there is nothing left to say about the quality and taste of the food besides advising my readers to skip this restaurant. My method of rating restaurants is to try and give them points for minute details which differ them from others. Unfortunately, Sbarro receives my lowest rating till date.
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In-depth Analysis: (Our overall rating is not an average of the sub scores below.)
Quality & Taste of Food:
Worth the Price:

I hope you found this helpful. If you want me to review any other restaurant/play/movie/product/event, please say so in the comments below.

Rating Chart:
1.0-2.9: Torture.
3.0-5.5: Waste of time.
5.6-6.9: Decent. But can be skipped.
7.0-7.9: Good.
8.0-8.6: Great! Don't miss it.
8.7-10:  If you are a man, you can miss witnessing the birth of your child for this. This is a greater miracle.

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