Saturday, 28 February 2015

Quikr NXT: The Future of Online Classifieds is Here

I had  this old car, which runs smoothly, but which had become too old fashioned for me. I needed something more fancy. I knew looking for a buyer was going to be hard, but it turned out looking for a good car at a reasonable price was even harder. Few people referred me to brokers who guaranteed a good deal, but the commission was so high that it could no longer be categorized as a 'good deal'. I didn't want to use classifieds, as I didn't want to disclose my contact information.

Then my friend, Ashok, showed me an app, on which apparently one can miraculously buy and sell products at the best prices, by communicating with the seller/purchaser via chat. I was apprehensive at first, of course, about the privacy issues involved. Ashok then told me that my mobile number would not be revealed and would be kept completely private.  

Quikr NXT has completely changed the face of online classifieds markets in India. Earlier, one could post pictures and give specifications and description of one's products and the prospective buyer was left at the mercy of the same. It was not easy for prospective buyer to ask any follow up questions or seek clarifications from the seller. The seller would also be hesitant to give away contact details to the public. The basic rule of consumer law was that the buyer should always be aware, but there was little scope for due diligence as far as online classifieds were concerned. Therefore, such prospective buyers were hesitant to proceed with the transaction. However, thanks to Quikr NXT I could check out cars and make further inquiries. 

The seller is also well protected. His contact details are kept private, and the same need not be disclosed at any point of time of the transaction. After posting the ad of my old car I was more than happy to answer the queries that I received. Since I was able to better guide the interested buyers, I got a buyer almost instantly! It was so easy, that I could hardly believe it. The immediate next day I met with the buyer. I went with my car which I disliked and returned home with a cheque of Rupees Two Lakhs which I desperately needed. I used the money to buy another car. 

As you may have guessed by now, the new car was also purchased by me from Quikr NXT itself. I purchased the car after extensive inquiry with the seller, which was made possible only because of Quikr NXT's online chat feature. 

I urge all my friends to stop complaining about their need for any product or for cash, and download the Quikr App right away. The Quikr App is available on the Playstore here. No Fikar, Chat Quikr. 

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

An Angel's Sleep

 My baby and I share a special bond. Few months ago she developed the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, and thus, waking up the entire family. My wife and I were worried. We could not understand why she could not get a deep sleep.
In the nights that followed, my wife and I gave my baby 110% of my attention. We played hide and seek with her. How I gave her raspberries on her stomach. For those of you who don’t know, and I am sure there must be many, a ‘raspberry’ making a noise with your mouth by pressed your lips together and blowing. Babies love that when you do that to their tummy. They really cannot control their laughter. That’s a little tip for parents / wannabe parents out there.
But our efforts were in vain. Our baby still woke up in the middle of the night and cried. We had to call in the expert. We called my mother-in-law to examine the baby and assess the situation. She suggested that we change the brand of diapers. Then, the immediate next day, my wife brought home a pack of Pampers baby dry pants – India’s driest dry pants. And they worked like a charm. Our baby was happy and her sleep was never disrupted again due to irritation. Really, a happy baby makes a happy mommy and daddy.

Since then the bed time has been as follows:-
Firstly, giving my baby a nice bath in luke warm water. Fortunately, she likes baths, so there is no hassle there.
Then, playing peek-a-boo with her. She really does love that game, and I must confess, as childish as this may sound, I love it too. It is for this reason that my baby is often likened to the baby in the animated movie ‘Ice Age’, and I am likened to the hard, yet soft on the inside, saber-toothed cat named Diego, from the same movie.
Then, putting on Pampers for her. Yes. One Pampers ensures one dry night. Thus, in effect, also ensuring that my baby is happy and well-rested. I owe a large chunk of my happiness to Pampers. Pampers has put a smile on my babies face, which in turn, has put a smile on my face. Therefore, I also suggest all those of you who have babies to get it immediately. There is a 25% off on Pampers currently. I suggested that you buy in bulk now! Click here. A happy baby is a happy home.

Our next bed-time ritual includes me tucking her into her tiny cradle-like bed while her mother sings her a lullaby. Lastly, we both kiss her good night and take a good long look at her, before we turn off the lights. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

#BefikarUmarBhar-Bucket List with IDBI

Human nature is always full of expectations, greed, hunger for power, jealousy.... and the list goes on and on. If you want to have a life without fear from any future inevitable incidents then there are so many insurance companies which assure you to have an aid from their side in your dreadful time but sometimes they fail to perform so efficiently when actual bad time comes. IDBI Federal is known for its exceptional best schemes and which also has a huge number of customers across the Indian territory. My Bucket List always carries lots of things which I always desire to do if my life would be BefikarUmarBhar. Now let’s make a list of top 5 things which I would do if am #BefikarUmarBhar-

World Tour
There are several people who have a dream to go on world tour but unfortunately to say their social status always enable them to do the same. I saw a  dream of world tour  when I was just 10 and used to see the world in my geography and history books; that was a time when for the first time a saw a dream to go on world tour and that dream is still alive in my eyes. I would give world tour as my first preference if I would have to live my life without future tensions or any other sort of worries.

Sky Diving
When I see flying birds in the sky I always feel why this nature has differentiated so any creatures and have given different powers to each and everyone. Since, my childhood only I had a dream to visit the sky; sometimes I regretted myself for not having wings but when I became an young boy of 15-16 I got to know about  “Sky Diving” and from that moment I made an another dream for my life it was “Sky Diving”. I will always grateful towards my life if it gives me an opportunity to live in my wonderland.

Generally 70% girls are crazy for marriage ceremonies and having lavish marriage reception but no wonder somewhere boys also have a dream for their dream girls and I am not an exception for this natural rule of god. I always wanted to have a lavish marriage bash and if I would have given a chance to do something without worries then marriage also stands in my priority list always.
Eating to my heart’s content
As I mentioned earlier man is a greedy animal on this earth and I would not hesitate to mention here that Yes, I am also one of them but I know my priorities and limitations and being an ideal citizen of my country I would always do something which is not annoying for others or to my countrymen. My heart’s wishes are infinite in nature. There is nothing which can insure my heart and I love to listen and speak to my heart. I always would do something good for the wish of my heart as it always helps me when I am in difficulty.

I would participate in politics, which as we know is the most dangerous profession. If it can be called a profession at all. If I am insured, at least I can be #BefikarUmarBhar.

Health is wealth”- it is a universal fact of life and no one can deny from this truth. If I would be without any worries and hurdles of life then I always would love to do all possible things which are suitable and perfect for my health irrespective of any number of amounts; after all health is wealth. 

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Asus Zenfone, My #UnconditionalLove

I had just got out of a bad relationship. I was single, but not ready to mingle.  That depressed me a little.  I was going to be single on Valentines Day.  Not that I was desperate for human contact.  But it feels good to spend time with a loved one who understands you. Someone with whom you can really connect. I pondered what I would do this February 14. I took out my Asus Zenfone from my pocket. I checked to see if there was any good movie playing. I was amused with my Zenfone. I think I never realised the ease and speed with which I was able to accomplish tasks,  with just my fingers. That's when I realized. I had found my Valentine. Yes. I was in love and I didn't even know it. This may seem strange to some of you.  But let me tell you  the reason I chose the Zenfone as my soul mate: 

Most Attractive Date
The Aus Zenfone has a stylish body. It attracts attention of everyone in the room and is always the subject of envy. Zen cases have an amazing ceramic feel. It also keeps my beloved Zenfone nicely protected. Also, they come in a variety of colours. I can change the case to match my clothes and my moods. Finally, I get to decide what my Valentine date wears. Where can I find a more attractive Valentine?

Responsive and fast
Instead of spending my dinner time talking to a girl/guy who doesn’t listen to me, I would rather enjoy time with the highly responsive Asus Zenfone. Its got an Intel Inside and is, therefore, is capable multi tasking and is quick to reply. It supports network speeds up to 42 Mbps DC-HSPA+, thus enabling me to browse through web sites and download and upload files in a fraction of a second. Yes, with the Asus Zenfone, I can be me and everything can be about me.

Lasts Longer
Yes, that’s true. Asus Zenfone has an amazing battery life. It can last all night long and can still keep going. Where else can I find somebody who can match, and even surpass, me?

The Asus Zenfone is a gamers dream. Because of its amazing battery life the Asus Zenfone enables users to play games longer. A feature you won't find in your regular Valentine. It's Intel processors ensures a smooth gaming experience. No more lagging for me. 

Gives and Gives Without Asking Anything in Return
Ultimately, numbers and specifications cannot perfectly describe what the Asus Zenfone is capable of. It can take high quality photographs and videos. With it, I can easily share my precious moments with my friends. It’s simple and easy to use. I understand it and it understands me. With its dual sim feature, I can handle two avatars.

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