Monday, 18 September 2017

Royale Atmose – Breathe a Sigh of Relief in your home

When we think about air pollution we imagine smog emitting from chimneys or gray smoke from the exhaust pipes of vehicles.  There are no exhaust pipes or chimney-openings inside our homes, so the air in our homes should be much safer than that outside, right? Wrong! A study by the Science of the Total Environment has revealed that indoor pollution may be several times worse than outdoor pollution.

In reality, some paints, varnishes and cleaning agents contain harmful and toxic chemicals. Certain paints and varnishes also cause fungal spores, which pollute the air even further. Thus, the air indoors can be 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Here are some tips to keep the air in your homes fresh and pollution-free:

1) Use Royale Atmos: So it turns out that the guys at Asian Paints are way ahead of the rest of us and have already concocted a paint based on Activated Carbon technology to solve our problems. Activated carbon is basically charcoal treated with oxygen. By doing this causes millions of tiny pores to open up between the carbon atoms, and the end result is a highly adsorbent material. But I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty of the science behind Asian Paint’s Royale Atmos, any further. Here’s the bottom-line:
Royale Atmos is a line of paints that exponentially decrease harmful air pollutants and keeps the air fresh and pure. It absorbs liquid and gaseous contaminants. Chemicals like formaldehyde which are emitted from plywood and glues used in the construction of furniture, cause the air to become toxic and harmful. Royale Atmos takes care of formaldehyde too. But wait, there’s more! Royale Atmos also absorbs bad odours & keeps the air clean. 
But wait,.. there’s even more! Health benefits aside, the paint also looks amazing, like any all other Asian Paints. #CleanAirBeautifulHomes
And lastly, if its good enough for Deepika (did it just get hot in here?), its good enough for us. Furthermore, Asian Paints has always proven to be reliable, and their products are always of the highest quality.
I urge all my readers who care about the health of their loved ones and of their own, to use only Roayl Atmos in their homes. Its time to make your homes clean and colourful. I had applied it to all the walls of my house about five months ago, and I can feel a huge improvement in the quality of air. To learn more about Royale Atmos go here:
2) Air purifiers: These devices remove contaminants from the air and are especially good for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. It also reduces the risk of second-hand cigarette smoke.
3) Plants: I don’t think I need to explain to my readers the importance of good-old-fashioned plants in purifying the air.
4) Clean your walls regularly: Moist walls can lead to an infestation of fungi. It is recommended that one clean the walls regularly to avoid such infestation. However, this effort can be saved if one opts for Royale Atmos.
5) Vacuum regularly: A clean house means fewer dust particles, which in turn means cleaner air.

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