Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Lady Who Is #madeofgreat

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
-          Bob Marley
How does one measure ‘greatness’? Is it the number of trophies and medals you have? Or is it the number of digits in your bank balances? Surely, we look for greatness in our cricket players and our movie stars, but we not succeed in viewing the idols of greatness that are near to us. No, according to me, the above quote of Bob Marley sums up greatness perfectly. The only flaw in the quote is that Marley used the word ‘he’, whereas in my case the person who has always inspired me and made me strive for greatness is a lady. A strong, bold and gentle lady. My mother.
What drives her is not wealth or power, but simply - love
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That’s right. My mother is an all-rounder. She has managed to balance work, home, kids and even the several social causes that she supports. I often used to wonder what drives her. One day it became obvious to me, that the passion that runs in her veins comes simply from the love in her heart. Love for her family, friends, work, fellow human beings and all living things. Love is the most powerful emotion. Its what can make you go to the edge of your limits and beyond. 
Therefore, my motto in life became “W.W.M.M.D.” (“What Would My Mother Do”). Here are just a few tips and life-hacks my saintly mother taught me:
Focus on the Solution: Whenever I get furious, I remember all the times I screwed up in life, and my mother, instead of beating me or shouting at me, would just sit me down and talk to me. She’s always solution oriented. It’s like Eldridge Cleaver said, “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.” When something goes wrong, there’s no point crying over the spilt milk, the only thing you can do is try to solve it or mitigate the damage as much as possible.
Walk the walk, rather than talk the talk: Actions speak louder than words. My mother is the best example of this. She didn't just tell me to work hard and be good. She did it herself. Like Bapu said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Instead of just trying to make me better human being, she herself became a great human being, and that has made all the difference. If you want to bring out the greatness in others, make sure you are #madeofgreat yourself.
Be better today than what you were yesterday: My mother taught me to compare myself to nobody but myself. “The only time you look in your neighbour’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don't look in your neighbour’s bowl to see if you have as much as them.” We have to strive to improve. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Never be static. The moment we stop moving forward and upward, we fall into a rut.
Happiness is a choice: Truly, at any given point of time one can simply choose to be happy. If you have the right attitude, you can find joy in anything and anyone. If you don’t’, then no matter who or what you have, it will never be enough.
Believe: My mother isn't just blindly optimistic, she really believes in a brighter future. The most significant events in your life won’t always happen because of things you do, but also because of things that happen to you. There is a plan for all of us. Of course, that doesn't mean that you don’t have control over your life. What we do defines us. However, you can’t loose grasp over the fact that sometimes bad things just happen. At such times, you just need to have faith. Always, hope for the best, but plan for the worst.
Believe in karma if you want, but don’t rely on it: This may sound strange, but it is absolutely irrelevant that whether doing good to others means that good will happen to us. A person must do good because its the right thing to do. That is all. You don’t help your fellow human being, with the expectation that you will get something in return for it. The joy you bring to others is itself the end result. That is the fruit of our efforts.
Anyone can be #madeofgreat: Like happiness, even greatness is a choice. Hard work, perseverance, humility and compassion for all living things- that is what greatness is made of. My mother is a testament to that. These qualities can also be seen in other people who are #made of great and have influenced me, such as Bapu, Mother Teresa, Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt. No wonder Tata Motors has chosen youth icon Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador, after all, they are both #madeofgreat. <wink>. Messi is driven by the dream of being the best and Tata Motors is driven by design, technology and the road ahead. So, what drives you?

So, I think my readers have heard enough from me today. I'm going to stop talking about greatness now, and am going out to try and achieve. Before I leave, I wan to leave my readers with just one question: What do you think of Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi? Reply in the comments. Thanks. Live long and prosper.


  1. Wow. Messi and Tata Motors :D. Awesome. Both are fast and furious!

  2. Oh-ho. Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. Ooo lala. Both are so sexy!

  3. Not many people might know that Lionel Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency when he was 11 year old. He has fought against all the odds to become one of the most famous and respected football players in the world.

    I am very sure that Tata Motors will also grow on to become one of the top and most preferred brands across the globe much like Lionel Messi by fighting against all odds.

    The association of with Lionel Messi will definitely take Tata Motors to greater heights!

  4. Tata Motors and Messi compliment each other like aloo does to Samosa. Tata Motors and Lionel Messi have many things in common. Tata Motors and Messi compliment each other just like aloo and Samosa. Firstly both of them have highly credible performance record. Secondly they are both made of great material. Indeed there couldn't have been any other brand ambassador than Messi for Tata Motors

  5. Amazing post. Tata stands for honesty, simplicity yet shines through as committed to excellence and perseverance. In the same breathe Lionel Messi is a legend who has made a mark with his relentless dedication to his game. And thus the association is that of perfection and truthfulness.

  6. Wonderful writeup. Tata and Messi they both stand for commitment and consistency!
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Rat's​ ​Nibble

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  8. Such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful nuggets about your mother - I feel extremely inspired by her.. sometimes it can be very difficult to stay optimistic in the face of challenges that life throws at you.. Learning about how your mother handles them makes me feel that I can too.. Thanks and best wishes to her :)
    Tata Motors obviously knows that for them nothing suits, but the best! Their association with Messi is an example of the fact that they are #Madeofgreat and would like everything around them to be so! I am looking forward to what comes through this partnership :)

  9. Tata Motors and Messi compliment each other like aloo does to Samosa. Tata Motors and Lionel Messi have many things in common.Firstly both of them have highly credible performance record. Secondly they are both made of great material. Indeed there couldn't have been any other brand ambassador than Messi for Tata Motors. Visit my post as well

  10. Tata Motors has gained the goodwill from giving the best and innovative Automobiles and it is also known as one the best Automobile Manufactures. And if you see the Lionel Messi , his throughout dedication, zeal , targeted goal of life and technically soundness make him big, achiever and remarkable position in the world.
    As per me, the association of Tata Motors and Messi is a grand amalgamation of two legendary entities of the world, and their amalgamation will definitely break down the clutters and affect the cut throat competition of Tata Motors. Tata motors will sure get a huge preference by the fans of Messi. This will sure make a record on the of Tata motors in the world of production or may be the highest selling automobiles.
    Tata motor’s main target is to give an impression on the large amount of crowd and this can be achieved only through the Messi, because the youth generation is crazy for MESSI and this can be smart move and a great achievement for Tata Motors they positioned MESSI as their BRAND AMBASSADOR .
    In the nutshell, Tata Motors , Messi joining hands will definitely give more soundness in technicality of promotional strategies and Messi’s influence will influence the audience for choosing Tata Motors and expand the business drastically.

  11. Beautifully written! My mom is #madeofgreat too!
    Tata Motors represent India. Tata is associated with reliability, performance and strength of automobiles. Similarly Lionel Messi represents football. He stands for reliabilty, performance and strength of his football team. 

  12. Hi Vikrant
    Indeed a nicely written post. I wish you good luck for the contest
    Here is my answer
    The association of Tata Motors with Lionel Messi is that of two greats. Lionel Messi has been exceptionally talented who with his hard work, determination and sacrifices has got better and tougher in his chosen sport so is the Image, reputation and quality of TATA Motors that have transformed brilliant ideas into masterpieces of engineering and created a brand and products that we are so proud of as Indians. Lionel Messi has transformed his body and the mind body co-ordination into a masterpiece of precision and excellence it would not be wrong to say that Lionel Messi is the TATA Motors of sports where as TATA Motors is the Lionel Messi of vehicles both giants in their own spheres driven by the drive to excel and lead by example. So Lionel Messi is the best choice for becoming the brand Ambassador for TATA Motors

  13. Your post describes #madeofgreat so well that it has winner written all over it. Good luck for your entry.
    Here is my answer.
    Like minds think and act alike looking at the track record of TATA Motors it has stood the test of time and built a business that was built using bricks of hard work on a foundation of trust. Authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation are the trademarks of brand TATA Motors. These same qualities are present in Lionel Messi who with his immense talent has made a mark for himself on the international football field .Facing all hardships he has worked hard toiling on the fields and in training sessions facing injuries and pressure to come out trumps and be a winner. Thus these two greats Lionel Messi and TATA Motors are made for each other .There association is a bond of two legends
    In case you pick me a winner my email id is :
    Fingers crossed :)

  14. Your post defines #madeofgreat to the hilt. Goodluck for the contest
    My answer is:
    Authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation are the pillars of strength on which TATA have built a brand that has put India on the global map. It is a brand that has stood the test of time just like Lionel Messi who tackles opposition on the field with his skill,agility,strategy,brilliance and raw power to reach and score a goal so has been the track record of TATA motors who has become a brand leader and a global giant. These qualities make TATA Motors and Lionel Messi perfect partners who stand for the same set of values thus Lionel Messi is the perfect brand ambassador to represent TATA Motors.
    Hope my best to be a winner here; do contact me for the prize at
    fingers crossed

  15. Yours is a very well written post your .Its is a very nice description of #madeofgreat
    TATA Motors is a brand associated with performance, endurance and excellence. These words are also synonymous with Lionel Messi who plays as a forward and weaves his magic on the football field.Just as Lionel Messi is considered the best footballer in the world ,TATA motors which is Indias premier automotive manufacturer gives wheels to the people of India with its wide range of vehicles. Both believe in excelling in whatever they do and set examples for others to follow. They compliment each other as both are reliable trustworthy and leaders thus Lionel Messi is the natural choice as the brand ambassador of TATA Motors
    Please consider me as a winner

  16. Your post defines #madeofgreat in an awesome manner.Very well written and interesting post indeed.
    My Answer
    Tata Motors is a brand that makes durable vehicles, with its MADE IN INDIA mark makes every Indian proud. It is a brand seen globally as Trusted, Reliable, Innovative and at the forefront of technology. In its journey since inception it has overcome all odds, competition, and adversities with grit and determination. These same qualities are associated with Lionel Messi who was very talented and hardworking from a very early age. With each game that he played he kept improving his skills and built a career to become one of the best player of professional football. There qualities make both TATA Motors and Lionel Messi giants who perfectly compliment each other and Lionel Messi the right and perfect Ambassador who stands for the same values that TATA Motors does.

  17. I see both Tata Motors and Lionel Messi as pioneers. While the very name Tata is enough to make us go back to all our history books where we have seen there hardly is a comparable name that has contributed so much to the society in such an ethical manner, the very name Messi conjures up images of a boy-man who has turned the world upside down with his talent, determination, discipline and never-give-up spirit. The compatibility between the values they both share is intense and that is the reason this partnership works perfectly.

    With a concern for the society at large,everything that Tata has done has inspired us to dream big, conquer the world and pour all our energy back into the society to do good and inspire good. By facing his demons, Messi has done the same. He enjoys a God-like status in the world today because he dared to dream, achieved the sky and still hasn't lost his humanity a bit. He is still a child at heart and he gives back with his multiple philanthropic activities just like Tata does!

    Talk to any person in India, ask them about the companies they admire the most. Tata is right there at the top. This name is beyond bottomline, spreadsheets, return on investment and share price. It is equivalent to soul of India-soft, kind, diverse, dynamic, eternal. Just like that Messi has emerged as not just another football player but someone whose very life is an inspiration, whose personal struggles are a template for others to emulate and who has morphed into an eternal legend.

    While it would take eons to write about what makes Tata Motors and Messi great, as their list of achievements is too long for us to even skim over, suffice to say that this partnership is for the ages. As they say, some things are made in heaven :)

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    -Richa Shailendra,

  18. Hi, You have written a beautiful post. A mother is the greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then a mother is that sweet flower of love. A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

    Here is my entry:-

    TATA MOTORS & LIONEL MESSI are two perfect examples of greatness.
    Tata is a brand known for honesty, commitment and perseverance. They have been a part of so many charitable trust. Lionel Messi on the other hand is an exceptionally great player with his natural technique and creative skills. Facing all the hardships on their journey, both of them has emerged to a great success. The association of Tata Motors and Lionel Messi as their Brand Ambassador will definitely give an edge to the Tata group over its competitors. Also TATA will find it easier to connect with the youth as the company is focusing on more youth-centric products globally.

    They are two sides of one coin. Perfect combination for a great success.