Friday, 3 January 2014

Use Apps and Social Networking Sites to Wake up Potential Voters!

Despite various campaigns to encourage people to vote, the actual turn-out of voters was quite low. The biggest flaw in holding actual campaigns and events to encourage voting is that you can only reach out to a few hundred at a time. We need to shake the public at a mass-level.

The thing which has influenced our voting behavior the most this year is the impact of social media. We have not only been influenced to vote, but who to vote for. Memes have gone viral. Jokes are being forwarded.

While memes and jokes might be a great way of expressing yourself, and even influence the population in general, we have to ask- What is the point of telling citizens who the better party is, when they aren’t even going to bother to vote? Thus, I submit that our priority should be to persuade the public to vote. The question ‘Why to Vote?’ should precede the ‘Whom to vote for?’ To create a mass movement we need two things : (1) technology and (2) and idea. We have the technology, what we need is an idea. Spreading a simple ‘Please Vote’ message is not going to do the trick, people need something more extreme to wake them up.   

With the use of Live Chats or Group Chats we can send videos and pictures to dozens, who in turn send them to dozens. Thus your messages will be on a hundred phones within a matter of seconds.

Multi-purose mobile applications are the best for this purpose. WeChat is one such all-n-one app. Apart from having all the features you could possibly require, it also has Live Chat,Group Chat QR Code, Chat History Backup, Video Call, Moments, Voice Chat, Web WeChat, Emoticons, Group Chat, Shake, Look Around, Facebook Connect.

However, the most innovative feature, which I find will help solve
our crisis is the ‘Drift Bottle’ feature. Simply "Throw" your voice or text message, then wait to see who will pick up your bottle and reply. This is the best way to get your message across to people, whom you don’t even know.

So guys please make the most of your apps and social networking accounts and lets move to a responsible government!


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