Saturday, 19 September 2015

Transferkar- Ab Toh Sab Kar Rahe Hai

What’s your favourite TV show? Let me guess, its Game of Thrones. How do I know? No, I’m not psychic. I just know that, that’s the answer 90% of today’s urban youth would give. We live in a golden age of television. Shows are becoming high budget. In fact, each episode of Game of Thrones is like a short movie. So, obviously, you would want to watch these shows as per your convenience and on the device which suits you best.

But here comes the dilemma – Mom and/or Dad’s show airs at the same time. Therefore, Pappu can’t watch his show, right? Wrong. Gone are those days where mummy and papa’s shows would come in the way of us watching our favourite TV shows. Tata Sky brings you the Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box. The Tata Sky+ Transfer is a  Personal Video Recorder ( or “PVR” as they call it), which, among other things, allows the user to recorded content and transfer that content to other devices like smart phones and tablets via WiFi. 

I travel almost for 2 hours from my home to Churchgate. It generally takes me 45 minutes in bus from my home to Andheri station and 1 hour from Andheri to Churchgate station. I used to think of ways to convert my commuting time into entertainment time. 

For that purpose one of my colleagues suggested to go for Tata Sky+ Transfer, as he also records his favorite show through Tata Sky+ Transfer and transfer his favourite show  to his mobile device and enjoys unlimited entertainment during his travelling. 

I too recorded my favourite television  show  i.e."Games of thrones", and now even I watch it on my mobile phone while commuting.  This is the simplest way through which Tata Sky Trasfer+ satisfies my entertainment needs during my travelling hours and  allows me to utilize my precious time. 

Transfer feature is available on iOS and Android devices (and after all, if don’t have an Android or iOS device, you might as well be living under a rock).
The Tata Sky+ Transfer has a 500 GB hard disk that can record up to approximately 625 hours of content. Its capable of recording at 1080i high definition picture quality and delivers a Dolby Digital Plus (with up to 7.1 channels of premium quality Surround Sound). Not only that, the user also has the power to Pause and Rewind Live TV. What more do you need?
So, picture this – ‘Wrestlemania’ is about to start. But you have to go for some boring family function. What do you do? Simple, you use your Tata Sky+ Transfer to record the event. When you come back home, you can watch Randy Orton give an RKO or Undertaker give a  Tombstone.  That’s right. You don’t have to miss a single move. Also, you can transfer it to your tablet or smart phone and watch it while traveling. Don’t you just love it when the other commuters of bus or train look at you with envy, when you are watching something awesome, which they are missing out on? Well, it may be bad to say so, but I’ll admit it nevertheless- It feels good.

The Tata Sky+ Transfer ensures that you don’t miss a single second of your TV shows or movies. I urge all readers to get it ASAP. To know more about the Tata Sky+ Transfer go here:

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