Thursday, 2 November 2017

Chikita Cafe (Mumbai) - Restaurant Review

Over-all Rating: 7.7 (See Rating Chart below.)
AddressOriental Mansion, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai
Serves Non-Veg: Yes.
Cost for one: below Rs. 225/-
Cuisines: Fast Food, Lebanese, American
Price and Quality of Food: While ordering chicken nuggets I was given a choice between the Garlic Mayo Dip and Spicy Mayo Dip. An impossible choice. Now I know what a man in the bomb disposal squad feels like, having to choose between cutting the red wire or the green wire. If only there was an option to have a little of both. However, I summed up all my courage and finally decided to go with the Garlic Mayo Dip.
When I first opened that white paper bag, the aroma of the crisp chicken nuggets flooded out and gave me an oh-so-sweet ecstasy. Cooked just-right, giving them a light brown, and ever so slight, golden tinge.  And the dip… what can I say about its fresh taste and quantity. This was not a tiny thumb-sized plastic container. No, sir. They provided a huge palm-sized container of dip. To be frank, the nuggets were not gourmet food, but they appeared to be the packaged ‘Yummiez’ Chicken Nuggets, which were frozen and fried. But at the price of Rs. 95/-, what better can one expect than getting a decent portion of nuggets and a generous portion of dip. This is not the fancy girl who uses you for your money. No, these chicken nuggets reminded me of that simple girl, who I fell in love with, who wanted me for me, and not for my money. She had no particularly exceptional quality, but there was a simplistic joy that she brought whenever she smiled.
After I was done with those almost orgasmic nuggets, I moved on to my post-coital dish – Barbeque Chicken Strips Wrap. The barbeque sauce-covered chicken pulling me in opposite directions with its tug-of-war of sweet and spicy flavours. However, I was disappointed that the dish was not served hot enough. I also wish the chicken was a bit more tender. While the barbeque chicken strips were supposed to be the hero of the dish, as the name suggests, the vegetables and other sauces took a side-seat, and failed to impress.
My conclusion, therefore, is that I will definitely be ordering from Chikita CafĂ© again.  To have such an affordable place in Colaba is a blessing. For the office-going individuals at Nariman Point, this is an excellent option for ordering-in. Plus, with the additional 15% offered while ordering through Zomato, this place definitely goes on my ‘Order Regularly’ list.  
Packaging: Fairly Convenient. Served in odourless paper bags.
Delivery : The order was delivered within the time promised. Unfortunately, the food was not hot on arrival, and needed to be re-heated
Offers: Currently, one can get a 15% discount on orders through Zomato.
In-depth Analysis: (Our overall rating is not an average of the sub scores below.)
Quality & Taste of Food:
Worth the Price:

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Rating Chart:
1.0-2.9: Torture.
3.0-5.5: Waste of time.
5.6-6.9: Decent. But can be skipped.
7.0-7.9: Good.
8.0-8.6: Great! Don't miss it.
8.7-10:  If you are a man, you can miss witnessing the birth of your child for this. This is a greater miracle.

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