Sunday, 18 December 2016

Why a Non-Catholic, like Me, Loves Christmas

Christmas Cake Festival
Christmas Cake
Unlike other holidays celebrated in India, Christmas isn’t about making noise, wasting water, risking your life or killing an animal. Christmas is simply a time of the year where one is supposed to feel grateful to the Lord and one another, while bonding with family and loved ones.
Christmas has not yet been commercialized
I would say Christmas in India is better than Christmas in western countries since it has not yet been commercialized to such an extent. As a rule, though I am non-catholic, I spend Christmas vacation with family and New Year’s Eve with friends and acquaintances. If at all I choose to travel with family I choose a quaint place and avoid strenuous sports or activities.
Comedian Kautuk Srivastav loves it!
Even Kautuk Srivastava of SnG Comedy loves Christmas. Watch their Video Podcast here:

There are also several NGOs with whom you can volunteer during the Christmas vacations. The Robinhood Army also plans a lot of fun things to do for street children during the Christmas vacations. They organize games and magic shows for the children.
Sweets and Goodies
I know I this goes against what I said previously. But I would be remiss if I only focused on the emotional bonding and introspection related aspects of Christmas and not the gifts and sweets that come with it. Some of my catholic friends also send chocolates or plum cakes or regular cakes to my house. Visiting their house is also an amazing experience, since I get to feel genuine love and affection and am fed like a pig that is about to be slaughtered (Forgive the grim metaphor).
Conclusion – Why Christmas is the Best
I love Christmas because it is a time of sober celebration and emotional bonding. This year I believe I have been a good boy and hope Santa gives me the thing I ask for every year – ‘Peace on Earth’. I urge all my readers to also plan a peaceful and meaningful Christmas this year. Take Care!

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