Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Airtel, My App...

In my previous blog post I emphasized the fact that when you have an awesome app, you don’t have to market it. The same goes for the My Airtel App. The app is successful, not just because it’s the App of the best telecommunication company, but because it is easy to use, fast and has some unique and incredible features. Here are some of the features of the My Airtel App ( that I have fallen in love with:
1) Awesome Offers, With Just a Shake: Imagine getting fantastic offers, and to get them all one has to do is ‘shake’. That’s right. All I have to do is shake your phone and the app magically gives me exclusive offers. And after I see the offers, I dance with my phone, only to find that I've got even more exclusive offers.
2) I Want To: In today’s world, we all need shortcuts. The efficiency of an app is defined by the number of ‘clicks’ it takes to do your task. The lesser the number of clicks, the better. Like all other young people, I too am impatient. Because of my busy lifestyle I like to do things quickly and without hassle. The My Airtel App allows me to create shortcuts to my favourite or most frequently used tasks on the home screen, under an ‘I want to’ tab. Shortcuts can be made for several tasks such as viewing balance, making bill payments, check data consumed, etc.
3) Make Safe and Secured Payments: Don’t you get frustrated when you run out of balance at crucial times? Has it ever happened that you wandered the streets in search for a place to get recharge? This has happened to me far too often. But not anymore. The app allows me to recharge my mobile or DTH with the greatest of ease. For all you post-paid users out, you too can use the app to make bill payments within a minute, while at home, or while travelling. I can’t tell you the number of times this feature has saved me.
Lastly, I just want to say that apart from all the aforementioned features, the app is also easy to browse and has a neat and clean appearance. The various pages and tabs load quickly. I have absolutely no complaints. Maybe my words do not do the app justice, in which case I urge you to download the app, and check it out yourself.
I advise all you Airtel users to start using this app and save a lot of time and energy. And for all you who are not using Airtel, whenever you get tired tired of the poor service and high rates of your respective service providers, do switch to Airtel and download the App.
The app can be downloaded from here:

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