Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Healthy Angel…

When I was a child I was afraid of doctors. I was not comfortable with the concept of a random person probing my entire body with a stethoscope. Doctors in those days used to treat even children like adults. There was no comfort, and no entertainment. A visit to the doctor was always dreaded.  
Just a few months ago my niece (Arya) was suffering from some stomach problems. It was nothing too serious, but it also wasn’t something to be taken lightly, either. She hated visiting the doctor. I decided to take her to a pediatrician, instead of our general fellow. His medicines usually had no effect on her. He was also a big bore.  Perhaps his medicines did not work because he was giving her the same medicine which he would give the oldies like me. I thought maybe if is she was treated by a pediatrician; she might actually like visiting a doctor.  
I asked around, but no one knew anyone who practiced pediatrics in Mumbai. I thought to myself, ‘Whom should I ask? Whom should I ask?’. Then it struck me. I took out my phone and asked ‘’ . In a second, the names of hundreds of pediatricians in Mumbai appeared before me. After browsing for a while among the many options, I finally chose one who appeared to be suitable.
I took Arya to the pediatricians the very same day. She had a wonderful time! The doctor played games with her, made funny jokes, and when it was all over, she even gave her a lollipop! Looking at them, I wished I was a kid again.
A week later, Arya, who was fully cured, ran to me and asked, “When can we go to the doctor again?” I laughed. helped me and my little angel, Arya, find the perfect pediatrician. She is no longer afraid of going to see the doctor. On that day I decided, that instead of asking questions to  my neighbours who claim to be ‘know-it-alls’ , I would direct all my questions to Since then I have always managed to be, exactly where I want to be.

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